About You

Singing can be a wonderful way to enjoy oneself, and a unique means of self-expression.  Many people enjoy singing, but not everyone finds it easy to sing consistently well, with freedom and confidence.  Even experienced singers may worry about their ability to sing high notes, to sing words clearly, to maintain good breath control etc.

People decide to explore, or further explore, the art of singing for many different reasons at different times in their lives.

Random notes

Maybe you have been singing in an amateur or professional environment for some time and never had a singing lesson.  Maybe you have had lessons before, but feel there are gaps in your knowledge that you would like to explore.  Maybe you have always wondered about having singing lessons and never quite got around to it….  Please feel free to contact me if you are a beginner, intermediate or more advanced student.

To get the most out of their lessons, students benefit by coming for regular lessons (at least once a fortnight) and making time to practise in between lessons.

You need to allow yourself time and breathing space to fully explore the techniques and concepts we are working on.  We always begin with technique and learning to make a healthy, well-supported sound.  Working on songs/repertoire comes later.

An initial consultation lasts for 90 minutes.  Other sessions last for an hour.

If you are interested in coming for a consultation, do please get in touch using the contact page, and tell me a bit about yourself, and your musical knowledge and experience.

Please note – To really engage with the physical and emotional aspects of singing requires physical awareness and emotional maturity. It is, therefore, unusual for me to teach people under the age of 15, though I am willing to meet with younger people, who are mature in their thinking, to discuss their vocal interests and see if we could work well together.

Emma Pooley

Teaching Singing in Marlborough